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DMK Large Corrector

Large Corrector

Made from raccoon hair and used to apply HiLites, LoLites and neutralizing colors for larger areas of the face, this brush eases the process of blending corrective colors into the foundation .

DMK Small Corrector

Small Corrector

Made from raccoon hair, this fantastic small brush is specially designed for use with all corrector colors. Its small filbert shaped brush tip simply applies and blends neutralizers on smaller area of the face.


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Corrector Palettes

Completely remove any color including acne rosacea, and dark circles under the eyes by neutraliazing with DMKC Neutralizing Palette.

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HiLite/LoLite Palettes

Sculpt your face with DMKC HiLites and LoLites.

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Loose HD Powder

DMKC Loose HD Setting Powder is recommended to set the foundation only in special areas on the face.

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DMKC Professional Brush Cleaner and conditioner cleans, sanitizes, and conditions and is NOT Flammable!

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