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DMKC ProPanel

The only way to truly test any cosmetic is to place it in the hands of professionals. DMK Cosmetics are fortunate to have a world class group of industry professional makeup artists who test, evaluate and teach makeup.

The ProPanel has been valuable in performing tests and evaluations on all DMK Cosmetic products to assure the quality, workmanship and superior formulation of all products we manufacture.

Our Pro Panel consist of the following professionals:

United States

Brad Look

Brad Look - Pro Panel Coordinator

Emmy Award winning make-up artist for Star Trek: Voyager's Threshold, Bradley has eight other Emmy nominations to his credit. He has also previously been nominated for the Hollywood Makeup Guild Awards.

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Brad now lives in Southern California. Besides being a Journeyman with the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Union, Local 706, Brad has taught classes for UCLA and other national universities. Brad's Master's Degree in Make-up from the College Conservatory of Music has enabled him to teach the art of film and television make-up internationally.

Brad has worked on Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, A Woman Named Jackie, Deep Space Nine, Congo, Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Undiscovered Country and Enterprise, and many other Hollywood productions.

Brad has also written numerous articles on make-up, including co-writing the book, Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts.

Chris Payne

Chris Payne

Chris is a former Hollywood based make-up artist who has worked on television shows including CSI, NCIS, Nip/Tuck, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. He has also worked on films including Star Trek (winner of the 2010 Academy Award for Best Make-up), Harold and Kumar 2, The Eye and Untraceable.

He is a talented professional and is also a very helpful mentor and teacher to up-and-coming artists.



Glen Alen

Glen Alen

Emmy Award nominated make-up artist for Days of our lives.

Specialising in film, television and stage make-up, Glen Alen is a journeyman with the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Union, Local 706. Exposed to a variety make-up products and working conditions, Glen has found DMK cosmetics to be among the finest of products.

Richard Mayberry

Richard Mayberry

An expert in cosmetic raw materials and one of the world ‘s best formulators for special effects products, Richard has been interested in cosmetic arts, formulation, and special effects since he could walk. Moving to Hollywood found him applying special effects make-up on hit US TV series, Heroes. Prior to this, Richard has also applied special effects make-up for One of Them (2003) and The Usual Suspects (1995). He also worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003) and made cameo appearances in The Fellowship of the Ring and in The Return of the King. Additionally, he was a special effects painter for The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005) and Hellraiser: Deader (2005). When Richard first started using DMK Cosmetics, his first comment was, “Yes-ah-Pleese!” Richard continues to be excited by DMKC and is one of our biggest promoters. He loves the fact DMKC can be used in special effects, on latex and gel appliances with ease of application and perfect skin tone matching.

Kevin Haney

Kevin Haney

Kevin Haney is a premier Hollywood make-up artist with an impressive resume of awards and credits. Working on such films as Alice in Wonderland, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Men in Black II, Addams Family Values and Cocoon, Kevin also has a long list of television credits. Winner of the prestigious Oscar for best make-up on Driving Miss Daisy, he has also won Saturn Awards, BAFTA Awards, Cable Ace Awards and 3 Emmy’s. Kevin likes “good make-up” and touts DMK Cosmetics as great for the special effects industry.

Barry Koper

Barry Koper

Mr. Koper has over 38 years experience in the field of makeup. He got his start in Santa Barbara doing a total of 72 Theatrical stage productions before moving to Los Angeles where he worked at Universal Studios Tour doing a Makeup Show called “Land of a 1000 Faces” where 2 makeup artists would makeup 2 guests from the audience and turn them into Frankenstein and his Bride! During this time he apprenticed with Oscar wining makeup artist John Chambers, who won an Oscar for his makeup’s on “The Planet of the Apes” Mr. Chambers recommended Mr. Koper to run the Makeup Effects Lab at CBS Studios, after 6 years Mr. Koper became the Head of Makeup at CBS ,and continued there for a total of 15 years, after which he left to do feature Films, Some of his credits include ,Addams family Values, Island of Dr. Moreau, Alien Resurrection, Holloman, Scary Movie 2 & 3, Bubble Boy, Syriana, Departed, Indiana Jones 4, Coach Carter, Dinner for Schmucks, We Bought a Zoo, X Men First Class, Thor, And Michael Jackson’s “This is it “He is best known for his very natural makeup work on Tim Allen in all 3 “Disney Santa Clause Movies” turning Tim into Santa ! Mr. Koper has been nominated for the Emmy a total of 9 times and has won twice.

Mr. Koper was also the creator of the column “Out of the Kit” for Makeup Artist Magazine, Which he wrote for over 10 years, A firm believer in education he has also taught many classes for local 706 ,The Makeup and Hairstylists Union, including Airbrushing, Color Theory, and Prosthetics application. Currently Mr. Koper also holds over 40 US. Patents in Commercial Cosmetic design.


Coming soon

Marc Walter



Taskin Desizoglu

Taskin Desizoglu

Taskin Denizoglu is one of Germany’s most sought after make-up professionals. His passion for cosmetic arts has lead him to becoming one of the top premier make-up professionals in Europe. His is experienced in every aspect of make-up including television, production, theatre, corrective and motion picture. With an extensive resume and a long list of German as well as European celebrity clients, Taskin is a wonderful educator and also provides his professional make-up services in his own studio. Taskin is a devoted DMK Cosmetics advocate and works with clients who have had their lives changed as a result of his talents.


coming soon

Riitta Saukkonen

Riitta Saukkonen has worked as a freelance make-up artist for Casa Gracet Ltd, a professional cosmetic and equipment distribution company, in Helsinki, Finland, since 2002.

Her role as make-up educator and salon consultant, along with her large involvement in various trade shows, has lead her to become a sought-after educator at several local Beauty & Esthetic Schools, Make-up Academies and Camera Club Photography School. Additionally she has participated in several international hair competitions as the head of make-up, earning results in the top five on many occasions.

In 2007 Riitta set up her own shop and salon, Skyrider Make-Up Bar, in the heart of Helsinki City. Riitta is a vivacious and energetic professional always ready for a new challenge.

Outi Broux

Outi Broux



Derrick Carberry

Derrick Carberry

Born in Co. Kildare, Ireland, Derrick Carberry is one of Ireland’s most sought after makeup artists. Having started his career working as a lab technician for Intel Corporation, a chance encounter with a well known makeup artist, inspired Derrick to pursue another vocation, that of makeup. His innate talent for the job was understood once Derrick began assisting her in fashion shows and magazine shoots and ultimately led to Derrick being introduced to the M.A.C. Cosmetics Dublin Team where he worked out of their Brown Thomas shop for 6 years. Derrick works in synergy with his clients, subjects, photographic teams and television crews, always adding a very special and unique touch. His technical ability fused with his creative ideas ultimately produces the beautiful results seen in the numerous supports in which he works. Over his 11 year career Derrick has proven his versatility and creativity when working with a variety of clients from the worlds of television, film, magazines or for more intimate settings such as weddings. Derrick’s extensive client list is a testimony to his work, which includes: regular TV credits from; Ireland AM, Off The Rails, Xpose and Fashion TV UK. In addition to working for top Irish publications such as Image, Tatler, Prudence, VIP and RSVP, Derricks hands have also graced the faces of celebrities such as Elle MacPherson, Anjelica Huston, Girls Aloud, Cecelia Ahern and Louise Redknapp… As well as participating in multiple fashion weeks around the world, large Scale events include the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, the BAFTA’s and the MTV Music Awards. Derrick’s Advertising campaigns include L’Oreal, Elisabeth Arden, Wella, Brown Thomas, Vaseline, Kellog’s, Toni & Guy..

Derrick Carberry currently resides in Dublin.

United Kingdom

Coming soon

Rebekh McVitie


South Africa

Ester Venter


Head of the Make-up Department at Danie Odendaal Productions in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ester Venter is currently employed by the producer of the award winning Afrikaans soap-opera “7de Laan”. Dedicated to her art and to the company, Ester has played a crucial role in the Danie team since its conception in 2000.

In 2007 she was nominated for the SAFTA Award in the category for best make-up artist on a soap-opera. Ester has been blessed with great artistic talents, and over the years she has excelled in special effects make-up, styling, set dressing, décor planning, painting (oil), sculpting, costume character manufacturing and mosaic.


Cherie Santiano

Cherie Spisso

Creative, Inspirational and Talented are some words that have been used to describe Cherie, a renowned Hair and Makeup Artist in this Industry for over 20 years. Dividing her time between Europe and Australia for the past 12 years and working on such events as major Fashion and Advertising campaigns, Opera, Film, TV has made Cherie highly sought after. She has worked with many high profile models and celebrities and her work has been published in many National and International magazines. Cherie’s makeup diversity and experience for makeup artistry has created a perfect opportunity for working on the pro panel.


Steven Moldskred

Steven Moldskred

From a young age, Steven always had a passion and curiosity for the creative line of work. Growing up in a small town, made him realize he wanted to do something more diverse and exiting for his future.

Studying how the great makeup artists use the right tools and knowledge to completely change an appearance, create a mood suited for the right moment in time, and last but not least change a persons self image and confidence. That inspired him.

Since he moved to Oslo, Norway, in the beginning of 2009, he has received the opportunity to work with what he loves.

He started assisting some of the top Make up artists and Hairstylists in Norway and gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration to develop his own unique and professional style. 

Now he works part time at the hairdressing salon “Adam og Eva” as a senior stylist and also has the position in the “Adam og Eva” as Advanced senior makeup artist as well as the project manager of the “Adam og Eva Makeup Team” of Norway.

Steven has worked professionally for L’Oreal in designing new makeup looks, as well as, working for Redken, Shue Uemura, Pureology and many others. He also is a professional instructor in makeup for numerous courses for students, and potential teachers and makeup professionals.

Steven also works in his own business utilizing his professional makeup artist skills for the entertainment industry in Norway. He has been department head on many magazine covers, magazines, styling events, trade shows, print adds, television and music videos.

Hong Kong


Kenneth Wong

A published author and regular columnist for ELLE HK online magazine, Kenneth Wong is a well-known make-up artist and a professional cosmetic trainer. Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Wong works across the Asia Pacific region. After graduating from a professional beautician and make-up artist diploma course, he began teaching and became an artist trainer for international cosmetic brands.

Today, he continues to maintain a successful and growing freelance career making models and celebrity look beautiful for print and TV. Meanwhile, he is also dedicated to training the new generation of make-up artists in his own school, Kenneth Wong Make-up Academy.

Wong’s credentials include:

Make-up director for Fashion Brands including:
Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Agnes b, Cerutti, Tiffany & Co., A/X and Armani.

Make-up demonstrator for international cosmetic brands including:
Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, M.A.C, Bobbie Brown, Clinque, Shu Umura, Sofina, SK II and now DMKC.

T.V. Demonstrations and hosting of shows such as:
Fashion TV, Shanghai TV, Nanjing TV, Jiansu TV, HK TVB, HK ATV, HK Cable TV.