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DMK Cosmetics provide four essential highlighting colors that can be used to achieve definition on the face. HiLites are formulated for different skin types to provide the subtle color correction that is needed to emphasize your best features.
DMK Yellow HiLite

Yellow HiLite

For fair and light European tones, Yellow HiLite is used on areas that require accenting with yellow based colors. It is excellent for mixing with foundations to lower the color intensity without altering the base tone of the foundation. Yellow HiLite will also remove subtle violet/blue tones while highlighting foundation colors.

DMK Orange HiLite

Orange HiLite

An all-purpose HiLite used for all Caucasian and European skin tones. Its warm base will highlight critical areas and reduce subtle blueness on the skin while lightening colors on foundations that contain coral and warmer undertones.

DMK Pink HiLite

Pink HiLite

For light to medium skin tones, Pink HiLite is a warm highlight used for warmer based foundation colors. Its pink undertones reduce subtle brown tones.

DMK Special Dark HiLite

Special Dark HiLite

Special Dark HiLite is specially designed for medium dark to deep skin tones with a natural subtle brown color.


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