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DMK Premier Brushes break all barriers in brush design and functionality. The handles and ferrules are formed of solid bronze with a beautiful gunmetal anthracite finish which will last a lifetime.

The natural hair used in DMK Premier Brushes is processed not once, but twice; creating a hair fiber unlike any other brush. Our natural hair is raccoon which is one of the premier hair types used in fine brushes because of its ability for excellent spring action and durability. The hair farms we specifically select do not harm any animals when harvesting hair for brushes and our brushes are tested on actors.

We use a synthetic hair in some of the brush designs because the technical procedures do not require natural hair. While other brushes are made using inexpensive takalon and nylon fiber, we use high quality toray fiber.

All DMK Brushes are packaged in a clear poly tube to preserve the brush integrity and design.
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Powder Brushes

DMKC Powder Brushes are the finest brushes available. Balanced and designed to perform flawlessly, DMKC Powder Brushes will last for years.

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Foundation Brushes

Foundation brushes are used to apply foundation to the face or body. Available in 2 sizes and are used depending on the area to be covered.

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Corrector Brushes

Corrector Brushes are used to apply subtle amounts of DMKC Correctors to the face. Available in 2 sizes; large and small.

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Crème Glacé Brush

Apply the perfect amount of DMKC Crème Glacé with the Crème Glacé Brush. The brush is designed to spread DMKC Crème Glacé smoothly and evenly.

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